Sydney playing Thumper at our ward classical recital on Friday night.

The latest fashion on the Milan runway – maybe this is why all of the model’s tripped and fell – they couldn’t see where they were going…

Friday night was our Ward Classical Music Recital that I was in charge of. We had a nice variety of talent – piano solos, singing, clarinet and brass. Sydney played Thumper by Robert D. Vandall and Bells by Jon George. I played a couple of pieces that I performed at a big recital last year – Reflets dans l’eau by Debussy and Etude in G flat Major by Chopin. Other than having to play these pieces on a totally retarded piano, they went fairly well; I didn’t get nervous at all – the etude did not go as well as I would have liked but then I haven’t been able to practice as much as I would like… And yes, mom I will record these this week when Peter gets back in town. I will also record the Brahms Cappricio that you like (after I re-learn it) 🙂

Peter’s sister Melanie and her husband James are here to visit for the week. Yeah! I had never been to the Orlando airport before (Peter knows it like the back of his hand) and I was happy that I managed to find them without a hitch. Driving at airports does not rank among my 500 most favorite things to do.

Yeah – we’re all done being sick and I need some help with Isaac!

Sydney and Isaac both had their days with sore throats and fevers this last weekend, but thankfully this nasty bug has left us alone! I was able to go to church yesterday to help the primary children practice music for the primary program that they will be doing next Sunday (Sydney still had a teensy bit of a sore throat so she just sat on a pew in the chapel and colored while the other children practiced).

I had a very frustrating time with Isaac in sacrament meeting. Of course this happens a lot. Especially. When. Peter. Is. Out. Of. Town. How is that? This is the process: Isaac won’t sit quietly (jumping, hitting, making noise, etc) so I take him in the foyer and hold him in my lap so he can’t move and quietly tell him, “In our family, we sit reverently in the chapel. Please let me know when you are ready to go back in and sit down quietly.” After speaking very rudely to me, he lost the privilege of having his snack – of course, following through with that made my job ever more difficult.

The last time I took him out (the fourth or fifth time) it was a real struggle. We stayed out in the foyer for the last 30 minutes of sacrament meeting. A couple of times I took him in the relief society room to sit with me – and I did administer two spankings when he head-butted me really hard (It has been about a year since I have spanked Isaac – it just doesn’t work – I’m not doing it again – but I don’t feel bad for doing it and my head still hurts today from the head-butts he gave me). I was nearly in tears but managed to keep it all together. I sat and prayed in my mind while I was holding him and he was fighting so hard to get out and run around. The last few minutes I was able to get him to sit next to me in a large armchair.

Peter and I have been struggling with teaching Isaac reverence the last three or so years and we have been consistent in taking him out and holding him in our laps and talking to him quietly. We have not yelled at him about this or lost our tempers. I know lots of kids have a hard time sitting quietly but this goes beyond that – he is very aggressive sometimes and fights and fights and fights. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I have searched out a few parenting books but none of them deal specifically with helping a young child learn reverence and how to sit quietly (I will even take semi-quietly) – I have been studying the scriptures and praying for help and I have had moments that I have felt very inspired but nothing seems to be leaving a lasting impression on him.

And of course after this terrible sacrament meeting (What did the speakers talk about?) I had to go and work with the primary kids for two hours. I took a nap when I got home (while the kids watched a movie) and my lovely friend, Melissa, invited us over for dinner last night. That saved my day!

He does not exhibit his aggression in preschool or in primary – just at home and in sacrament meeting but I want to get a handle on this now!

And I figured that most of my friends would probably not want to watch Cranford, but then I have no desire to watch the new Indiana Jones movie or other popular equivalents. So there. All I can say is that Cranford was excellent and the BBC should go on making these movies just for me if needs be!


Here are some questions I asked Isaac:

1. What is your full name? Isaac Johnson
2. What is your dad’s name? Peter Johnson
3. What is your mom’s name? Liz Johnson
4. What is your sister’s name? Synney
5. What is your favorite color? red and black and green and brown and red
6. Who should be the next president? President Hinckley
7. What do you like to do with dad? I like playing Hot Wheels with my dad.
8. What do you like to do with mom? Play with clay with mom.
9. What do you want to be when you grow up? Um, a Hot Wheels – NO, I want to watch the Hot Wheels. But I’m not going to grow up to be a Hot Wheel’s driver when I grow up. I just want to be Isaac.
10. What is your favorite food? Um, Pepperoni and pancakes
11. What is dad’s favorite thing to wear? Um, his work clothes.
12. What do you think your future wife’s name will be? I don’t know. Maybe Kong Kong Kang.


I’m sick. Sore throat. Headache. Husband leaving tomorrow to go out of town for two weeks. What am I to do? Life goes on. Tomorrow I am going to go to the doctor just to make sure it’s not strep throat – my throat is very sore and swollen (although Motrin seems to help wonderfully) and I do not have any other symptoms of a cold. This morning I had a very difficult time swallowing and I had to stay behind from church.

The last couple of days have not been exciting – mom in bed (everyone else wondering if she’s really sick or just pretending because mom’s don’t really get sick).

I misplaced my camera until today so there are no pictures documenting the events of this past week.

Here are some highlights from this last week:

  • Yesterday morning we attended a 25th anniversary vow renewal ceremony for Peter’s Uncle Ben and Aunt Debbie (they just happen to live here in Melbourne, Florida). It was after getting home from this that I really started feeling unwell.
  • Last Sunday Peter was called to be the ward executive secretary and so he attended his first early morning meetings today (no more sleeping in on Sundays for Peter – hee hee). The kids were able to get a ride to church with our friends Will and Melissa – thanks!
  • Isaac has discovered the joy of playing quietly in his closet. He’s there right now playing Batman and I don’t mind one bit. In the past he has never wanted to play in his room and his very difficult to keep entertained.
  • I bought some new stencils and some clay for the kids. They have been having a lot of fun with the new art supplies!
  • I bought the movies Cranford and Wives and Daughters and they just arrived yesterday – perfect timing! I have been able to enjoy my time while lying down on the couch like a miserable invalid.

Time to go gurgle some warm salt water…

That’s all folks…

Sydney had a special day!

First off, I have to say that birthday parties (or parties in general) are not my forte. I was a bit worried about my hostess skills. At the beginning of Sydney’s 8th birthday party, all of the girls picked up the balloons that were scattered on the living room floor and they rubbed them on their arms and heads and then stuck them to the walls. I highly suggest this activity to anyone – it took up a full 20 minutes!

Here is the group of gaggling 7 and 8 year old girls making flower baskets with paper plates.

Sydney made her own game of “pin the tail on the cat.” This was also a big hit. The favorite activity was frosting sugar cookies – sorry no pics. Each girl got to go home with a plate of cookies to share with her family.

If you know me, I don’t do cakes. Instead I (meaning Peter) made cupcakes – since I already had sprinkles out for cookies, each girl got to decorate her own cupcake!

Sydney’s friends were looking at her a little weird because she was so excited when she was opening her new set of scriptures! They didn’t know what to make of that I guess.

After the birthday party we drove over to the church for Sydney’s baptism. Here she is all dressed in white. She was so excited that she was jumping up and down – she had a permanent smile on her face!

Days like this make being a parent worth your while!
Grandma Gardner got Sydney this pillowcase. Thanks grandma!

“If you chance to meet a frown do not let it stay…”

“Quickly turn it upside down and smile that frown away!”

I haven’t seen any gray hair yet, but time is sure marchin’ across my face!

Saturday September 6th was a special day for Sydney. From 10:00-12:30 she had a birthday party so the house was filled with seven little girls (and believe me, seven little CAN fill the house!). Peter and Isaac used this time for some manly bonding at the library – I think that was a wise choice. Of course Sydney made out like a bandit at her party. Here are the presents she received:

  • Scriptures and CTR scripture case
  • Bookmarks, Baptism pillowcase, CTR butterfly necklace (to replace the one that Isaac ate last year)
  • Scissors, pin cushion, ribbon, needles, thimble, material, etc… for her sewing kit.
  • a Siamese cat Webkinz
  • LPS ferret (LPS stands for Littlest Pet Shop just in case you aren’t in the know)
  • Stickers
  • Framed picture of the Jordan River Temple (where Peter and I were married)

I am not a sentimental fool (in case you didn’t already know that) but seeing my husband baptize my daughter stands as one of the most precious moments of my life. It was wonderful seeing how happy she was after she came out of the water (and how cold she was) and after she was confirmed. Peter’s uncle and a couple of his cousins (that just happen to live here in Melbourne, Florida) were able to be there.

Life in general right now is busy busy busy. I try to use my time wisely while Isaac is at preschool and unfortunately for my mom, that time does not necessarily get used for blogging. My plans to practice the piano everyday have been completely shot down but maybe it will be more likely next year when he is in kindergarten. Right now I have 10 piano students (three come Tuesday mornings and the rest come Thursday afternoon/evening). Last year was too crazy when I was teaching two nights a week. Sydney’s homework load has gone up a bit this year and so I am really glad I was able to rearrange my piano teaching schedule.

Peter has been going through another round of TDY’s (business trips for you non-military folks) and will be in Las Vegas the last two weeks of September (actually out in the middle of nowhere in Nevada). And lest you think he plans to spend his extra weekend strolling down the Vegas strip and gambling away our life savings you will be surprised to hear that he plans to spend his extra time at the Las Vegas temple.

And you fools who think I have too many blogs just don’t know how much fun it is. Take a minute to check out my newly-designed FHE blog entitled Born of Goodly Parents and my Dizzie Lizzie blog. My daughter Sydney has a private blog that she posts her artwork and poems on and I have another private blog that I have only invited about ten people to view and for the rest of you I am not telling you what that blog is about.

That’s all folks…

Tropical Storm Hanna – is it coming?

We are waiting to see if Tropical Storm Hanna decides to come up against the Florida coast and if she will gain strength over the ocean and once again be classified as a hurricane. If she comes, then maybe we’ll go to Tampa and stay in a hotel and go to Bush Gardens (an amusement park).

We’ll keep you posted (as long as I have internet access). Not really worried about it, but if it is a hurricane then we may be evacuated because we are on an island and would have to get across a causeway before getting trapped in.

And about my poll question “Do you read any blogs that are authored by people you don’t know?” I have to answer yes, although I do not do the “blog stalking” thing. I read one blog written by someone I don’t know that is authored by a mother of 11 children (some of them adopted) who lives in California. Check it out at

According to Isaac

According to Isaac:

  • The wheels on the bus go swish swish swish
  • The babies on the bus go oink oink oink
  • The people on the bus go crazy crazy crazy

According to Isaac:

  • Something told him to throw mulch at Mackenzie while at the playground
  • His tummy told him to hit Ruby with his backpack

According to Isaac:

  • The black beans in the dinner tonight are tomatoes

This is only the list of stuff I could remember. He is so wilful that when he makes a statement (even when he knows it is wrong) he will stick to it like glue and get so mad at me if I try to correct him. Help?!