Answers about Multiple Sclerosis (to the best of my knowledge)

Due to several e-mails I have had from friends and family members having questions about Multiple Sclerosis I guess I will try and answer them all here. I didn’t think there would be so many questions (nosy people). ;o)

For information about MS go to this Multiple Sclerosis site.

MS does not run in families. Peter has been experiencing numbness in his face, shoulders and his left hand. His MRI’s indicate an abnormal brain (areas of myelin in the brain that are getting eaten away) – but the myelin spots that show up have not been getting bigger like in … Read the rest

Peter is a couch potato

After having several MRI’s and many other fun tests this last year, Peter thought it would be fun to have a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) today. We are still waiting to see if a diagnosis for Multiple Sclerosis will be official. If the test comes back positive then he will be diagnosed. If it comes back negative then we are where we were before – some people with MS do not have the problem that sometimes shows up with this test. Oh so frustrating. So Peter has to sit on the couch the rest of the day and is not … Read the rest

Sorry no new pictures… you’ll have to look at the old ones.

I have not taken a single picture of my delightful children this week so I am going to take you on a trip down memory lane. Peter and I were married ten years ago (August 18, 1998) and I have just been going through our wedding pictures and scanning them into our computer. The one thing I regret not doing for our wedding and reception is hiring a professional or even a not-so professional photographer. And it’s all my mom’s fault that I don’t have the negatives because she never keeps them (we got married a couple of years before … Read the rest

The Johnson’s in Real Life

You know your kids are weird if….they sit in front of the TV absorbed in watching a cooking show (it’s called Good Eats on the Food Network – it’s hilarious!).
One last picture of my brother Tyler.
One last picture of my sister Megan. I only had a couple of days to teach her how to cook – she made a fried egg (sunny side up), a berry cobbler for a dessert, and in this picture she is cutting up chicken for a family favorite called Santa Fe chicken wraps. My mom has forgotten to teach Megan how to cook … Read the rest

Budding Artists

Spiderman and Wolverine in Spiderman’s Car (That’s Why There’s So Many Wheels) by Isaac (I don’t get why that means there’s so many wheels either.)
Our Family On a Bus by Isaac
Meadow of the Horse by Sydney
A Bus by Sydney (This work was inspired by an earlier piece by Isaac)
Simple Egyptian Symbols by Sydney

Johnson Family Vacation 2008 – Savannah, Georgia

My sister Megan and my brother Tyler were visiting from Utah so we decided to take them to Georgia.

Isaac and Sydney

Peter and Liz

First stop: Old Fort Jackson

We got to see these re-enactment guys shoot a cannon ball at this Navy ship that was coming into port.
Peace on Earth
The kids’ favorite part of the whole fort was the officer’s privy.
For being a toilet facility, the officer’s privy sure has a nice view.

This fountain is found at Forsyth Park in downtown Savannah. It was built in 1854. When Sherman and his Union soldiers came … Read the rest